Planten- en vogeltuin in het Bloemendaalsche Bosch



On this website people can pass on what they observe to plants and animals in nature. On the website there is a separately created area: "Bloemendaal-Thijsse's Hof." You can see what has been seen in Thijsse's Hof.Olso you can register your own observations.We would really like it, if you have your observations (preferably with photo) of Thijsse's Hof.On the observation website you can find a menu at the top right, where you can view the photos of the observations and statistics.

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Heimans and Thijssestichting

On this website you will find a lot of information about the life of Heimans and Thijsse and their legacy.

De Levende Natuur

Jac was almost 120 years ago. P. Thijsse and Eli Heimans founded the magazine De Levende Natuur. After all these years the magazine is still alive (!) And plays a central role in field biology and nature conservation in the Netherlands.

Thijsse's Hof as the starting point for nature sport.

Many nature organizations are active in the Netherlands and many also have area-oriented or thematic activities. It is almost dizzying how much is going on in this small crowded country on 'Nature Sports'. Fortunately, trends are also noticeable among the individual organizations to unite and profile themselves more as one broad nature movement with a large and varied range and fun, something for everyone. Now it is still a bit of a search through the many websites of the various organizations (public, semi-public, private) in the overwhelming range.

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